Web Design Basics for Educators open access book – designed by the students in my EDUC 612 Educational Web Design course as part of a class project. The book features five chapters that provide tips, resources, and techniques for effective website design: User Interface and Visual Design, Writing for the Web, Selecting Multimedia, Multimedia Design, and Digital Accessibility.

Building Democracy for All Interactive Explorations of Government and Civic Life eBook for Educators  – an open access eBook that provides multimodal, multicultural content, learning activities, and OERs for teaching the new Massachusetts 8th grade civics curriculum.

Leveling Up Online Course Design

Annual Tech Tools Showcase
My EDUC 593A (Teaching & Learning with Technology) and EDUC 592A (Online Tools for Learning & Instruction) students host a showcase every year for the College of Education and local community. Students work in teams to facilitate a poster and demo station to bring awareness about current and emerging tools for enriching teaching and learning (e.g., tools for communication/collaboration; accessibility; augmented & virtual reality).

Designing Digital Media for Teaching & Learning 
A 4-week open online course designed by graduate students in EDUC 612: Educational Web Design Course to help teachers learn how to find, evaluate, design, and use digital media to enhance learning.

PLNs for Educators: From Novice to Expert
A 5-week open online course designed by graduate students in EDUC 612: Educational Web Design to help educators expand their professional learning networks.

Online Tools for Teaching & Learning
A website with detailed information, tutorials, and evaluation criteria for 85 learner-, community-, knowledge-, and assessment-centered digital tools for educators. This site was designed by students in my EDUC 592A (Online Tools for Learning & Instruction) course in fall 2016 and has continued to be updated each semester the course is run. The site has been visited by more than 120,000 people in 196 countries since its launch in 2016.

Building a Digital Reputation
An online learning tool that helps students develop a professional online presence.

Interactive Campus Map: UMass Amherst
Students in EDUC 595A: Educational Video Production designed and produced short videos featuring campus resources for undergraduate and graduate students at UMass Amherst.