Within the Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies department, I teach courses for the Learning, Media, and Technology master degree and Mathematics, Science, and Learning Technology doctoral programs.

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that teaching and learning are interconnected processes that shape one another and evolve through research, discovery, experimentation, innovation, and reflection. As a teacher, I help my students advance from learners to teachers, and as they participate in this process, they discover the dialectical relationship between learning and teaching.

The design of my classes is founded in social constructivism. My goal for every course is to foster a learning community in which students feel safe, respected, and confident to learn and teach one another. I also encourage my students to connect and learn with others outside of class through Twitter Chats and online activities. I ask my students to build their own Professional Learning Networks by following people and hashtags on Twitter and select blogs (related to their interests as well as coursework) on Feedly. I encourage my students to reflect on, revise, and expand their PLNs throughout the semester.

Courses Taught

  • EDUC 592A: Online Tools for Learning and Instruction 
  • EDUC 593A: Teaching and Learning with Technology 
  • EDUC 595A: Educational Video Production
  • EDUC 603: Computer Mediated Communication
  • EDUC 612: Educational Web Design
  • EDUC 693K: Designing Digital Media for Teaching & Learning 
  • EDUC 897C: Seminar in Digital Media Learning
  • FFYS 197 EDUC 13: Video Production 
  • FFYS 197 EDUC 13: Memes, Podcasts, and Viral Videos 
  • FFYS 197 EDUC 13: Designing Educational Technology